Again today there were a lot of novelties to spot.

Kondaa will probably be the name of the new megacoaster. This has not yet been officially confirmed by the park but this graphed stone does not leave much doubt:


e entrance to the megacoaster is further finished with the addition of green tones. In addition, two imposing fire pits were installed:

On the

square in front of the megacoaster comes a large construction with a tree stump and skeleton. The structure of this imposing structure is now in the


The bridges over the dijle are approaching

the completion:

The thematization of the African restaurant is also going v

ery fast:

The new pavement is already in the next stage:

The train that is outside has again been stripped of its plastic packaging. Perhaps we can expect the first test runs soon?

We don’t think it’s going to take a long time, and there are constantly working me

n walking up:

The overhead bins have alr

eady been installed:

The entrance gates in the station are al

ready installed:

Calamity Mine has a new big ne


The last part of the new megacoaster is also full of fun curves and thick airtime


To close off some more pictures:


onstruction Updates 02-12-2020

Another small update on the progress on the construction site.

While walking to the construction site we saw that our traditional roller coasters Vampire, Cobra and Werewolf underwent their annual maintenance. Rumour has it that the Werewolf will get a retrack next year or one of the next few years (the track will be replaced by new pieces of wood and track). This would not be an unnecessary luxury as the job has been starting to rattle more and more in recent years.

The thematization of the new African restaurant has begun. Both on the Tiki-waka side and on the side of the new megacoast


The front of the megacoaster’s entrance building is also out of the


New theme was also added to the back of the station buildi


The toilet block is also nearing complet


On the concept art below you will see a small pond on the main square. On this comes a kind of large tree stump (see photo next to concept art) with probably the skeleton of the mystical being that will play the leading role in th

e new megacoaster:

To close off some

more pictures:

Construction Updates 26-11-2020

On a cloudy Thursday morning we left again towards Walibi Belgium to take some pictures of the new megacoaster.

That much hadn’t changed with the week before, but still the novelties in a row.

The base/frame of one of the two bridges over the dijle was installed.

On this concept art you can see which bridge it is about (Note: this concept art is no longer completely correct, but gives a good


Both trains were packed, so the test runs will have to wait a whil


The pavement at Challenge of Tutankhamon is also completely taken care of:

The front of the station building seems to be almost complete:

Also on the side of the African restaurant there was a lot of activity to be seen


To close out some more snaps:


truction Updates 21-11-2020

On the morning of November 21, we went to Walibi to admire the construction of the new megacoaster.

Through an abandoned forest path we reached a beautiful point overlooking the construction site of the megac


The back and sides of the station building are already “almost” completely finished. The front (not visible on the following pictures) is now in the finishing


Next to the banks of the Tiki-Waka pond comes a brand new African restaurant. This restaurant will be beautifully located on the wat


The theme isation of the shop is also in full


A few more pictures of

the yard:

Below is a plan for the future zone: