Walibi Belgium confirms the news that many thrill lovers have been looking forward to for months with impatience: Kondaa, the fastest and highest roller coaster in the Benelux, will be ready for the opening of the park on 8 May. The spectacular megacoaster and the surrounding area “Exotic World” are the most important investment ever in the history of the amusement park.

From Saturday 8 May a visit to Walibi is finally possible again. The Outdoor Plan will then enter into force. The park is still waiting for the ministerial decision to clarify the opening modalities.

Meanwhile, Walibi is doubling down on the good opening news because on May 8th the audience will also be able to meet the long-awaited megacoaster, Kondaa.

The rollercoaster reaches 50 meters above the park and races at a top speed of 113km/h over a 1.2km course. This startling attraction also breaks two world records: Kondaa is the megacoaster with the most number of different course elements and the first megacoaster with 15 airtime moments! Airtime what?! That is the feeling of weightlessness; The speed will lift you out of your seat. A visitor will hardly touch his seat 1/3 of the time he or she spends in Kondaa. Kondaa is located in a brand new zone: Exotic World. For this, an area of 4.5ha was added to the park. Visitors will be immersed in a forgotten exotic world where a powerful and mysterious creature dominates…

“The enthusiasm of the public, both nationally and internationally, for Kondaa is amazing. During the build-up, we even noticed that theme park enthusiasts camped around the zone for hours to catch a glimpse of the attraction. This has never been seen! Kondaa and Exotic World are the most important investment ever for Walibi and we are convinced that this project will enhance the park’s appearance at European level.”

Jean-Christophe Parent, CEO Walibi Belgium

Discover the legend of Kondaa

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