Thursday, May 6, 2021 – At 10 a.m. this morning, Walibi’s new themed zone Exotic World and Megacoaster Kondaa were officially presented to the national press and media. The total price tag for the project is €25 million; the most important investment in the history of the Waver amusement park. The initial reactions were very positive.

Around 10.25am the first manned train departed kondaa. The honour was reserved for the park’s staff, as a thank you for their efforts over the past crisis year. A whole new sensation“It’s impressive! You have the impression that you hardly touch your seat during the whole ride,” says Vanessa Crocco Villarroel, Reception Coordinator. “First you go very high and then race over the ground at a top speed. This is unique for Walibi Belgium”, continues Thomas Ruiz-Ruiz, Park Operations Supervisor.Jean-Christophe Parent, director-general of Walibi Belgium, said: “Our attractions all offer different sensations. For example, we have inversions, free fall, launch… but airtimes; We missed that. Kondaa is a real airtime machine! A totally new experience for our visitors. I’m already looking forward to their reactions on Saturday, when the park opens to the general public!”Most important investment in walibi’s history

The total price tag for the construction of the roller coaster and the construction of the surrounding zone is €25 million. This is unprecedented for the amusement park, both in terms of size, thematization and budget.

For the construction of Exotic World, a 4.5ha site was added to the park. In addition to Kondaa, this area will also be home to Kondaala (children’s attraction), NSoso (restaurant) and a themed shop. This new section is only accessible via two impressive bridges, which guide visitors to “the lost area”. To ensure immersion in the exotic world, work was being done on the thematization. For example, 16,000 plants and trees were laid out consisting of 80 different species, of which 14 very exceptional exotic varieties in our area.

The eye-catcher is of course Kondaa: the highest and fastest roller coaster in the Benelux. The features of this attraction are breathtaking: 50m high, 1.2km long, 113km/h and 4.5g! As if this doesn’t sound impressive enough, Kondaa also breaks two world records: it is the Megacoaster with the most number of course elements and the most airtime moments (15!).