From October 16 to November 7, an icy scream will once again echo over Walibi Belgium, because Halloween is back… and how! This year the amusement park is stepping up its Halloween experience with a series of impressive novelties that will amaze many fright lovers. During the day it is frightfully fun for families, but oh woe betide when the sun goes down…. One thing is certain: Walibi will make your scariest nightmares come true this fall!

Halloween at Walibi has been a fixture for small and large horror enthusiasts for more than 20 years. After a year of coronapause they can go again to Wavre for the best Halloween event of the Benelux.1 This edition will probably be the most spectacular ever in the history of the park!

Completely new experience, with Rebellion Land as the organizing point

For the real horror fans, Walibi is presenting no less than 3 new impressive scare zones, which will grab you by the throat with a breathtaking storyline. In Last Shelter, daredevils enter an army camp overrun by bloodthirsty zombies at their own risk, and in Psycho Circus, terrible killer clowns are hot on your heels. The climax will be Rebellion Land: a gore-filled gang has brutally taken over Walibi and settled in an area that they first smashed to smithereens and then transformed into a disgusting, dark junkyard. At its head is the most feared among them… a terrifying woman named Cama. She invents chilling punishments for unwelcome intruders. Those who want to take a break from all this creepy stuff can go to The Bar’Hell, the gang’s clandestine bar. But beware… this place is as fun as it is dangerous!

Leading haunted houses

Halloween at Walibi is also experienced in the terrifying haunted houses!  This year the park has yet another newcomer: Lost Forest. Don’t expect a classic haunted house… Think back to the deep, dark forests where you get lost in nightmares and wake up screaming in the middle of the night, bathed in sweat. Well…Lost Forest is even worse.

After an excellent welcome in 2019, Nagulai and The Curse of Amun are back. Both underwent some modifications resulting in an increased fear experience. Finally, many daredevils will experience the scare of their lives in the claustrophobic mine paths of Mine Blast.


An exciting new show with the best illusionist in the world

For a brand new show at the Tiki Theatre (Exotic World), Walibi was able to enlist Christian Farla, who received no less than three Merlin Awards – Best Illustrator in the World. Farla is a performer of the highest level and brings with Lucifer Show a spectacular, trendy and lightning fast illusion show!

  • Halloween days without nocturne: 13h30 – 15h- 16h30
  • Halloweendagen met nocturne: 14u – 16u – 18u – 20u

Enjoy the Day… Fear the night

Halloween at Walibi is synonymous with extremely frightening scenes, but during the day the amusement park also provides a terrifyingly pleasant family offer.  Young daredevils can go to a brand new children’s zone, Happy Halloween, where they can meet the Rebbiez. These are the children of the gang from Rebellion land. They are planning the very best Halloween ever. To be allowed to party with them, you must first prove your worth by taking on their exciting challenges. Families can also visit the Magic Show for the craziest abracadabra in the country, or enjoy a moment of creepy fun with the new 4D film Dracula. It promises to be a spooky autumn in Wavre!

Enjoy the day

Walibi has lost control…

Since yesterday, October 4, Walibi Belgium’s social media channels have been shaken by bizarre video images. Walibi’s Facebook, Instagram and TikTok page seem to have been hacked. Could this be the work of the gang from Rebellion Land…. or is there more to it? You’ll find out through October 14 at @walibibelgium!

Practical info

  • website:
  • Data
    • From 16 October to 7 November
    • 7 nocturnes: 23, 30, 31 October and 1, 4, 5 and 6 November
  • Aanbod
    • 3 new, impressive scare zones : Rebellion Land, Last Shelter & Psycho Circus
    • 5 haunted houses: Lost Forest (new), Nagulai, The Curse of Amun, Mine Blast & Dracula-4D (new movie for families)
    • 1 brand new show: Lucifer Show by Christian Farla
    • 2 Halloween Experiences : The Bar’hell (new) & Freaky Pizza Buffet
    • For families: Children’s zone Happy Halloween (new), Magic Show & Dracula-4D
  • Prices
    • Presale until 10 October (€5 discount on admission tickets)
    • Regular admission tickets between €38 and €47
    • Haunted houses between €5 and €8
    • Speedy Passes
      • Speedy Hell (€50) – 1 accelerated admission to each haunted house and 10% discount in shops and restaurants
      • Speedy Hell unlimited (€85)- unlimited accelerated access to all attractions, 1 accelerated access to Kondaa, 1 accelerated access to each haunted house as well as The Bar’Hell, and 10% discount in all shops and restaurants.
  • Safety Measures
    • In accordance with the announcements of the Walloon government, from October 16, the Covid-safe Ticket will be mandatory from the age of 16. Wearing a mask will no longer be mandatory after entry controls.

1 Diamond ThemePark Awards 2020 (no DTPA ceremony in 2021 due to Covid-19)