Walibi Band is a site created by and for fans of Walibi Belgium. Since 2011, the site has been bringing news from the Waverse park as well as frequent updates via video and photo reports. Walibi Band can also be followed via Facebook and Twitter. It is a voluntary organisation that does not make any profit in any way.

Who’s who?

Below you will get a picture of who is doing what within our organization.


Benji Lambrecht


Diego Vranken
Remco Bos

Noam Sacotte


Noam Sacotte


Niels Depoorter

Short history

When the rebranding was announced in Walibi, the idea arose to create a fan site. Founder Benji Lambrecht came up with the name Walibi Band from a contraction of Walibi (referring to the park) and Band (referring to the rebranding that revolves around music/music groups or bands). The site was first a free Google site with forum. That same summer, the building of its own website started immediately. On June 24, 2011, the renewed Walibi Band was online. Moments later, the new forum also opened.

March 24, 2012, the site received its first major update. The layout was refreshed and made clearer. In the meantime, the forum does not exist, but there can be a lot of discussion on the Facebook and Twitter page of Walibi Band.

In 2014 Walibi Band is ready for a new style. The logo has been refreshed, is a bit more modern and includes a completely new website!

2016 will see a completely renewed site and a new vision.
We have been around for five years.