To keep everything clear, you can find the terms and conditions of our website on this page. Here you will find everything related to our copyright policy, cookies, and our all-ent contest conditions.


Walibi Band is a website that is maintained on a voluntary basis, and which is much worked on. We try to have made all the content that appears on our website (press photos not taken into account), unless otherwise stated.

However, this requires a lot of work and therefore we ask our visitors not to publish our content without mention and/or permission. If you would like to publish content from our site, we ask you to contact us via Below we have set out the conditions for the different content types.

Articles or texts

Articles or texts that are on our site may be taken over by other websites, blogs, etc. provided that there is an explicit mention and link to our website.


All photos that can be found on our website are homemade (press photos not included), and also have a logo. These photos will be taken over by other websites, blogs, forums, etc. provided there is an explicit mention and link to our website.

In addition, it is not allowed to edit the photos, or remove the logo. If you do wish to do so, we ask you to contact us via


Walibi Band is known for his videos. We work hard to post high-quality videos online (mainly on YouTube). We therefore do not appreciate our videos being reposted and/or edited online without permission.

If we come across a video that contains image material of Walibi Band, we initially ask to delete this video immediately. If this is answered negatively, we will have the video removed by YouTube.

The reason for this hard approach is because we put a lot of work into making our videos, and we want to encourage others to be original themselves and film everything ourselves. If you would like to use footage of Walibi Band, we ask you to contact us via

Cookies uses cookies to get a view of our visitors. By visiting this site, you agree. If you do not wish to close this site, delete the cookies via the settings of your favorite web browser, and no longer visit this site.

General competition regulation

Walibi Band regularly organizes competitions in collaboration with Walibi Belgium or Aqualibi. In order not to create confusion, we have drawn up some general rules. These apply to each match, unless otherwise stated on the relevant match page.

Each match page lists the start and end date of the competition. However, this is non-binding, Walibi Band retains the right to change this at all times.

Only one participation per person is accepted each time. If you do participate several times, your participation will be away.

A valid email address is requested (actions via social media are excluded).

Entries are personal. An organization’s participation (other fan site, Facebook page,…) is not accepted.

The winners will be announced via the site. This will also be communicated via our social media and the winners will also receive a personal email for confirmation.

Additional rules can be found on the relevant match page.